Cemetery Committee

What says more about Thorndike than ensuring that the final resting places for our deceased townspeople are accurate, respectful and attractive? The Cemetery Committee is responsible for overseeing the care of Thorndike's cemeteries, in cooperation with the Sexton and Board of Selectmen. The 3-member committee is currently elected but will become appointed in 2017, with the potential to grow to 7 members. For details, see the Cemetery Ordinance.

Volunteers are needed to help with several aspects of improving our cemetery care. Starting in 2019, additional members can be officially appointed to the Committee. 

Chances are that YOU can help!  We have something for everyone:  

Do you like doing research?  We need a couple of volunteers to go through our cemetery records and maps and develop an improved system for integrating historic and new information. Among other things, we need to confirm our list of veterans and where they are buried to make sure flags are properly posted.  

Do you like walking the grounds?  Cemeteries are interesting and peaceful places to take a walk! We need a few people to help survey the grounds during the year to enforce ordinance standards regarding decorations and identify capital and maintenance needs. 

Do you like setting budget priorities?  Part of the Committee's role is to review capital and maintenance needs and present a prioritized list to the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen for discussion and preparation for town meeting so that adequate resources are made available for cemetery care. 

The time commitment (both how much and when) is totally flexible. If you are willing to assist, please contact Kari at the town office or a member of the Committee:

Doreen Berry ( contact person 649-2689)