Town Hall Rental

The Town Hall community meeting room and adjacent kitchen are available for private party rental. The Town's tables and chairs may also be rented for outside private parties*. Users are responsible for setting up and cleaning up.

Check the Community Calendar for open dates. Then contact the Town Office at 207-568-3655 to confirm availability and make a tentative reservation.

Your reservation will be confirmed when the Meeting Room Contract and $50 deposit are received.


Residents: $50

Non-Residents: $75

Use of Stove: $10 flat rate


Update as of 11/12/2022

* Resident room rental use fee capped at :$50  / Non-resident room rental use fee capped at: $75. *

*** Proof of insurance needs to be provided for $500,000 in liability coverage.  ***


*if you are renting the Town Hall you do not need to fill out the Table and Chair agreement form.  That form is only to be used if you need to rent the tables and chairs outside the Town Office.