Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I become a registered voter?

All residents of Thorndike may register to vote, you must be 18 years old or 17 years old if your 18th birthday is before the November Election. To do so, please bring, photo Id and proof of residency. If you do not have proof of residency you may swear to an oath.

It is your choice to enroll in a party, however if you choose to remain unenrolled, you can vote in the primaries.

 How do I obtain a Marriage License?

The Town Clerk can issue the Marriage Licenses to Town Residents and “People from out of town”. The Fee is $40.00 ($20/person)

The first step is to fill out an “Intentions to Marriage” form. Both Bride and Groom must sign in the presence of the Town Clerk or a Notary. If either member was married before, either a copy of a Death Certificate or a Divorce/Annulment Decree must be presented.

The clerk will complete the Marriage License and obtain a signature from the Bride and Groom on the Marriage License.

 How do I obtain Certified Vital Record?

To obtain a certified copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage license you must provide photo Id and fill out a Vital Records request form. 

For Birth records your parents must have been a resident of Thorndike at the time of birth. 

Death records are filed by place of death and residency of deceased. 

Marriage licenses are filed by residency or if you are from out of town and the wedding was performed in Thorndike a copy should be on file. To apply for a marriage license you must first fill out marriage intentions that they Clerk will enter into the Vital records System.


The first certified copy is $15 and each copy after (purchased at the same time) is $6.

 How do I purchase trash stickers?

Trash Stickers are $1.50 per sticker and one sticker is required for each trash bag. Stickers may be purchased at the Thorndike Town Office, Thorndike Auto Parts or The Depot, in Unity. Trash is picked up every Monday ,



Curbside Recycling Wednesday 1st of the month each month. No stickers are needed but you must sort your recyclables accordingly.

 How do I rent the Town Hall?

Check the Community Calendar for open dates.

Then contact the Town Office at 207-568-3655 to confirm availability and make a tentative reservation.

Your reservation will be confirmed when the Meeting Room Contract and $50 deposit are received.


Residents: $50/hour

Non-Residents: $75/hour

Use of Stove: $10 flat rate

Users are not charged for time spent setting up for their event nor cleaning up afterward.

 What about Vehicle Registrations?

You must come to the Thorndike Town Office to pay the excise tax and complete the registration. Excise Tax stays within the Town of Thorndike. It is calculated on the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The mill rate starts at .24 and depreciated six years to .004. State registration fee is $35. Town agent fee is $4, for new registrations, $3, for renewals and $5, for out of town registrations.


You also can register online :

 What do I do with my recyclables?

Recyclables are picked up the first Wednesday of each month (you do not have to put a trash sticker on the recyclables) or you may bring them to the Unity Area Regional Recycle Center located on the Leonard Rd. 

For more information about the Unity Area Regional Recycle Center click here.

 What do I need for a Hunting License?

Anyone wanting a Hunting License must show a past hunting license or proof of completion of a Hunter’s Safety Course.

 What do I need to license my dog?

All residents with dogs 6 months and older must register their dogs with the Town Clerk.

Proof of Rabies is required.

If your dog is spayed or neutered please bring in the certificate. 

Unaltered:                       $ 11.00
Altered:                           $   6.00
Kennel License               $ 42.00

A late fee of $25 per dog will be applied after January 31.


Dogs are not allowed to roam at large in Thorndike.

 When are Selectmen's Meetings?

Select Board workshops fall on the Monday before scheduled meeting, (if a holiday would be the Tuesday)


Select Board Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.